San Antonio : sale temps pour les mouches

San Antonio : sale temps pour les mouches

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1 hr 30 min
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French atomic scientists are mysteriously disappearing one after another! Heading the investigation, superintendent San Antonio organises a fake breakout with Paul le Caïd to be able to join his gang. Problems arise when Félix discovers he isn't the criminal they expected...

Directed by: Guy Lefranc (France, 1966)
Based on the novel by Frédéric Dard.
Screenplay: Michel Audiard
Cast: Gérard Barray (San Antonio), Jean Richard (Bérurier), Paul Préboist (Pinaud), Philippe Clay (Félix Mazaud), Patricia Viterbo (Sylvie Gérard), Hélène Rémy (Mado), François Cadet (Paul le Caïd)
Genre: detective