San Antonio : Béru et ses dames

San Antonio : Béru et ces dames

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1 hr 35 min
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Having inherited a mansion three years earlier, inspector Bérurier demands his tenant pay the rent but the latter is mysteriously murdered. Drafted in to help, superintendent San Antonio learns that the building is home to a brothel and discovers a grim mystery involving the disappearance of microbial strains...

Directed by: Guy Lefranc (France, 1968)
Based on the novel by Frédéric Dard.
Cast: Gérard Barray (San Antonio), Jean Richard (Bérurier), Paul Préboist (Pinaud), Marthe Mercadier (Albertine), Marcel Bozzuffi (Francis), Anna Gaël (Nadia Vendel), Maria Mauban (Wanda Berger)
Genre: detective