Personne ne m'aime

Personne ne m'aime

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1 hr 33 min
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Determined to take their revenge on men, Françoise and Annie take to the roads aboard a campervan in search of unfaithful partners. Cri-Cri and Dizou, respectively hotel owner and chambermaid, rally to their cause and soon the explosive foursome are sowing the seeds of panic along the highways and byways!

Directed by: Marion Vernoux (France/Switzerland 1993)
Cast: Bernadette Lafont (Annie), Bulle Ogier (Françoise), Lio (Marie), Michèle Laroque (Cri-cri), Jean-Pierre Léaud (Lucien), Maaike Jansen (Dizou), Judith Vittet (Lili), André Marcon (Jacques)
Genre: comedy
Awards: special jury prize for Bernadette Lafont and Bulle Ogier (1994 Locarno Film Festival)