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In a ski resort, on the night of a full moon, a naked man is found on a chairlift with human blood on his lips and a silver bullet in his heart. A scene obviously inspired by werewolf legends. The victim was also heavily involved in protecting wolves. Clara Kessler investigates, along with her father Georges, an early-retired gendarme. As tension mounts between the pro- and anti-wolf lobbies, Clara investigates the victim's past...

Directed by: Alain Berliner (France, 2017)
Screenplay: Fabienne Lesieur, Thomas Perrier, Aurélie Belko
Cast: Christophe Malavoy (Georges), Armelle Deutsch (Clara), Guillaume Cramoisan (Thibault), Fatou N'Diaye (Flore), Frédéric Andrau (Mathieu), Manoëlle Gaillard (Renée), Yann Pradal (Sam)
Genre: detective