Pas son genre

Pas son genre

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1 hr 47 min
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Clément, a young Parisian teacher of philosophy, is sent to work in Arras. He gets to know Jennifer, a pretty hairdresser, who becomes his mistress. But whereas Clément's life revolves around Kant and Proust, Jennifer's is dominated by popular novels, celebrity magazines, karaoke evenings...

Directed by: Lucas Belvaux (France/Belgium, 2013)
Screenplay: Lucas Belvaux, based on a work by Philippe Vilain
Cast: Émilie Dequenne (Jennifer), Loïc Corbery (Clément), Sandra Nkaké (Cathy), Charlotte Talpaert (Nolwenn), Anne Coesens (Hélène Pasquier-Legrand), Daniela Bisconti (Madame Bortoloin), Didier Sandre (Clément's father), Martine Chevallier (Clément's mother)
Genre: dramedy