Papa ou maman

1 hr 20 min
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When Florence and Vincent are both offered a promotion abroad, their life as a couple becomes a nightmare. They have three kids. One of them will have to give up their dream to look after them. As they divorce, they resort to the lowest of blows to avoid custody...

Directed by: Martin Bourboulon (France/Belgium, 2015)
Cast: Marina Foïs (Florence), Laurent Lafitte (Vincent), Alexandre Desrousseaux (Mathias), Anna Lemarchand (Emma), Achille Potier (Julien), Judith El Zein (Virginie), Michael Abiteboul (Paul), Vanessa Guide (Marion), Michel Vuillermoz (Coutine), Anne Le Ny (judge)
Genre: comedy
Awards: official selection (Alpe d'Huez 2015)