Papa les petits bateaux...

Papa les petits bateaux...

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1 hr 40 min
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A wealthy heiress is kidnapped by four crooks who hope to her exchange for a vast sum of money. Very bad idea: Vénus is infinitely more cunning that the band of ne'er-do-wells! She has fun playing them one against the other in order to, perhaps, recover the ransom money herself...

Directed by: Nelly Kaplan (France, 1971)
Cast: Sheila White (Vénus de Palma), Judith Magre (Marylène), Michel Bouquet (Marc), Michael Lonsdale (Hippolyte), Sydney Chaplin (Spiro de Palma), Pierre Mondy (Jeannot), André Valardy (Luc), Catherine Allegret (Dany)
Genre: comedy