Mince alors 2 !

Mince alors 2 !

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1 hr 40 min
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Isabelle and her niece Nina open a fasting and detox centre in the heart of Provence with a helping hand from Baptiste, yogi and general handyman, Jessica, tantric masseur and Maxime, the very attractive equitherapist. Soon the first clients arrive...

Directed by: Charlotte de Turckheim (France, 2021)
Cast: Catherine Hosmalin (Émilie), Lola Dewaere (Nina), Charlotte de Turckheim (Isabelle), Charlotte Gaccio (Marion), Marc Riso (Sylvain), Patrick de la Valette (Baptiste), Johanna Piaton de Turckheim (Lio), Barbara Bolotner (Jessica), Angelina Bertrand Gomez (Estelle), Jean-Marc Otlinghaus (Maxime)
Genre: comedy