Mia et le Migou

Mia et le Migou

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1 hr 27 min
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Warned by a premonition, 10 year-old Mia left her south-American village to go in search of her father, working on a vast building site turning the tropical forest into a luxury hotel. To find him, Mia has to cross a faraway mountain. And a forest peopled with mysterious beings...

Directed by: Jacques-Rémy Girerd (France, 2006)
Voices: Dany Boon (the Migoo), Garance Lagraa (Mia), Charlie Girerd (Aldrin), Laurent Gamelon (Jekhide), Pierre Richard (Pedro), Jean-Pierre Coffe (Nenesse), Yolande Moreau (the Lantines/the witch), Miou-Miou (Juliette)
Genre : animation
Awards: Best European Animated Feature Film (European Film Awards 2009), official seelction (2008 FIFF Namur, 2008 TIFF Toronto)