Mélodie en sous-sol

Mélodie en sous-sol

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1 hr 56 min
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Charles returns home after spending 5 years in prison. An aging gangster, he longs for a gilded retirement in a foreign country. But before that, he wants to pull off one last heist. He is joined by Francis, a young crook he met in prison, and Louis, his brother-in-law, and they decide to go after the vault at a Casino on the Côte d'Azur that just might hold a billion old francs...

Directed by: Henri Verneuil, 1963 (black and white)
Dialogues: Michel Audiard
Cast: Jean Gabin (Charles), Alain Delon (Francis), Viviane Romance (Ginette), Carla Marlier (Brigitte), Maurice Biraud (Louis), Jean Carmet (bartender)
Genre: thriller
Country: France