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Les Tuche

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1 hr 30 min
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The Tuches' lives change after winning the 100 million euro Eurolottery. They fulfil their dreams, and especially that of Cathy, to move to Monaco. There, they try to blend in with this world of luxury and superficiality but the mannerisms and mindset of Monaco prove alien to them.

Directed by: Olivier Baroux (France, 2010)
Cast: Jean-Paul Rouve (Jeff), Isabelle Nanty (Cathy), Claire Nadeau (Granny Suze), Théo Fernandez (Donald), Sarah Stern (Stéphanie), Pierre Lottin (Wilfried), Fadila Belkebla (Mouna), David Kammenos (Omar), Sami Outalbali (Jean-Wa), Karina Testa (Salma), Philippe Lefebvre (Bichard)
Genre: comedy