Les nuits de la pleine lune

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1 hr 37 min
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Louise lives with Rémi in an outlying Parisian suburb. She loves going out, mixing with people and often comes home late. To put an end to her partner's complaints, she decides to get herself a pied-à-terre in Paris. Rémi, early-riser and homebody, finds her increasingly difficult to understand...

Directed by: Éric Rohmer (France, 1984)
Music: Elli et Jacno
Distribution : Pascale Ogier (Louise), Tcheky Karyo (Rémi), Fabrice Luchini (Octave), Virginie Thévenet (Camille), Christian Vadim (Bastien)
Genre: dramedy
Awards: best actress (1984 Venice Film Festival), 5 nominations (1985 César awards)