Les Bureaux de Dieu

Les Bureaux de Dieu

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1 hr 56 min
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Within the walls of the Family Planning offices, women listen to other women grapple with the freedom to love. Women of all ages and all backgrounds, who can finally confide without fear. To at last be able to talk freely, see their desires more clearly, and make the right choices.

Directed by: Claire Simon (France/Belgium, 2008)
Distribution: Anne Alvaro (doctor Marianne), Nathalie Baye (Anne), Michel Boujenah (doctor Lambert), Rachida Brakni (Yasmine), Isabelle Carré (Marta), Lolita Chammah (Emmanuelle), Béatrice Dalle (Milena), Nicole Garcia (Denise), Marie Laforêt (Martine)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: Directors' Fortnight (Cannes, 2008)