Le vallon

Le vallon

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1 hr 30 min
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Le Vallon

Gréco and Max investigate in a private clinic for cosmetic surgery that treats the members of the world's jet set with complete confidentiality. A young surgeon has been murdered, then the boss is shot dead. What does secrets does Dr Rivière's luxury clinic hide?

Directed by: Alexandre Coffre (season 3, France, 2021)
Screenplay: Flore Kosinetz, Hélène Lombard, Gabor Rassov, based on Agatha Christie
Cast: Arthur Dupont (Max Beretta), Émilie Gavois-Kahn (Annie Gréco), Chloé Chaudoye (Rose Bellecour), Benoît Moret (Jacques Blum), Quentin Baillot (Servan Legoff), Esteban (Paulo), Pierre Cassignard (Rivière)
Genre: detective