Le passage du Rhin

Le passage du Rhin

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1 hr 40 min
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Two Frenchmen, German POWs in 1940, become friends. Jean, journalist, decides to escape as soon as he can. Roger, baker and pastry chef, hesitates about making a run for it. On this German farm, he discovers that "these people", aren't really very different from his own...

Directed by: André Cayatte (France/Germany/Italy, 1960, black and white)
Cast: Charles Aznavour (Roger Perrin), Nicole Courcel (Florence), Georges Rivière (Jean Durrieu), Betty Schneider (Alice), Georges Chamarat (Alice's father), Cordula Trantow (Helga), Jean Marchat (Delmas)
Genre: history
Awards: Golden Lion (1960 Venice Film Festival)