Le jour des rois

Le jour des rois

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1 hr 30 min
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Three elderly sisters meet up every Sunday. And as it's Epiphany they have a busy schedule ahead: meal at a Chinese restaurant, sharing the Epiphany cake, and then, with great reluctance, attending the show put on by their extravagant and scandalous fourth sister, member of a senior citizens' comedy troupe...

Directed by: Marie-Claude Treilhou (France, 1991)
Screenplay by: Noël Simsolo, Marie-Claude Treilhou
Cast: Danielle Darrieux (Armande), Paulette Dubost (Suzanne), Micheline Presle (Germaine/Marie-Louise), Michel Galabru (Georges), Robert Lamoureux (Albert), Jean Roquel (Hervé), Manuela Gourary (Mrs Azaro), Paulette Bouvet (the presenter)
Genre: dramedy