Le grand chemin

Le grand chemin

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1 hr 42 min
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1959. Claire, pregnant and abandoned by her husband, leaves her son Louis with friends for the summer. In the country, the young Parisian brusquely faces the harsh realities of life, torn between two characters themselves lacerated and haunted by the dramatic events they had experienced a few years earlier.

Directed by: Jean-Loup Hubert (France, 1986)
Cast: Anémone (Marcelle), Richard Bohringer (Pelo), Antoine Hubert (Louis), Vanessa Guedj (Martine), Pascale Roberts (Yvonne), Christine Pascal (Claire), Marie Matheron (Solange), Raoul Billerey (Raoul Billerey (the priest)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: César 1988 for best actor (Richard Bohringer) and best actress (Anémone)