Le dossier noir

Le dossier noir

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1 hr 50 min
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Jacques Arnaud, young examining magistrate appointed to a provincial town, takes over his predecessor's files. He requests additional enquiries into an old case: the sudden death of the author of a sinister dossier on Broussard, leading industrialist in the region. But resurrecting the story sends a shockwave through the town....

Directed by: André Cayatte (France, 1955, black and white)
Screenplay: André Cayatte, Charles Spaak
Cast: Bernard Blier (Inspector Noblet), Antoine Balpétré (Mr Dutoit), Danièle Delorme (Mrs Dutoit), Lea Padovani (Mrs Le Guen), Jean-Pierre Grenier (Mr Le Guen), Nelly Borgeaud (Danielle), Jean-Marc Bory (Judge Arnaud), Noël Roquevert (Superintendent Franconi)