Le coupable

Le coupable

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1 hr 15 min
Not recommended for under 12 years.
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As Frédéric tries to instil a notional idea of ethics into his bored students, Éloïse, the school caretaker, is entangled in a conflictual relationship with her daughter Cassandra. Under the sway of an older man, who's both violent and possessive, the teenager also can't stand her mother's new boyfriend...

Directed by: Onur Karaman (Canada, 2019)
Cast: Isabelle Guérard (Éloïse), Sylvio Arriola (Frédéric), Camille Massicotte (Cassandra), Solo Fugère (Jynx), Raphaël Lacaille (Raphaël), Noémie O'Farrell (Maude), Émilie Leclerc-Coté (Isa), Francis Martineau (Léo)
Genre: drama
Parental guidance: TV-14