La vache

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1 hr 31 min
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A small Algerian farmer, Fatah dreams of taking Jacqueline, his cow, to the International Agricultural Show, in Paris! When he receives the precious invitation he takes a boat to Marseille, leaving his rural homeland for the first time. Then he and Jacqueline begin the long journey across France... on foot!

Directed by: Mohamed Hamidi (France/Morocco, 2016)
Cast: Fatsah Bouyahmed (Fatah), Lambert Wilson (Philippe), Jamel Debbouze (Hassan), Julia Piaton (the young reporter), Hajar Masdouki (Naïma), Abdellah Chakiri (Mokhtar), Amal El Atrache (the primary school teacher), Miloud Khetib (Hamé Hamed)
Genre: comedy
Awards: Audience Prize, Grand Prize, Michel Galabru Prize for Best Actor for Fatsah Bouyahmed (Alpe d'Huez 2016)