La traversée de Paris

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1 hr 19 min
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Paris, 1942. Under German occupation, the black-market is thriving. Martin has to transport four suitcases, filled with pork, to the other side of Paris. He needs help. His usual partner having been arrested, he invites a certain Grandgil to accompany him. But the latter rapidly proves to be totally uncontrollable...

Directed by: Claude Autant-Lara (France/Italy, 1956)
Cast: Jean Gabin (Grandgil), Louis de Funès (Jambier), Bourvil (Martin), Jeannette Batti (Mariette), Robert Arnoux (Marchandot)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: Best actor for Bourvil (1956 Mostra de Venise), Best film (1958 French Syndicate of Cinema Critics), nomination (1958 BAFTA awards)