La rafle

La rafle

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2 hr
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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1942. Joseph, 11, goes to school with a yellow star on his chest. Like many others, he learns about life as a Jew in occupied Paris, caught between kindness and disgust. On 16 July, their lives will change. An unprecedented roundup will seal the fate of thousands of Jews...

Directed by: Roselyne Bosch (France/Germany, 2009)
Screenplay: Rose Bosch
Cast: Jean Reno (David Sheinbaum), Mélanie Laurent (Annette Monod), Gad Elmaleh (Schmuel Weismann), Raphaëlle Agogué (Sura Weismann), Hugo Leverdez (Joseph Weismann), Sylvie Testud (Bella Zygler), Anne Brochet (Dina Traube), Roland Copé (Pétain), Jean-Michel Noirey (Pierre Laval)
Genre: history
Parental guidance: TV-PG