L'ibis rouge

L'ibis rouge

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1 hr 16 min
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Jérémie, an unassuming employee, strangles women on their own, using an ibis-embroidered scarf. Zizi, newspaper seller, tells all his customers that he's the murderer. Meanwhile, Raymond, an inveterate drunkard, tries to persuade his wife Evelyne to help him pay off a large gambling debt.

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Mocky (France, 1974)
Based on the novel "Knock Three One Two" by Fredric Brown.
Cast: Michel Simon (Zizi), Michel Serrault (Jérémie), Evelyne Buyle (Evelyne), Michel Galabru (Raymond), Jean Le Poulain (Margos), Karen Nielsen (Sophie), Jean Cherlian (the Greek interpreter), François Bouchex (Attalone), Jacques Fortunas (Superintendent Boucher)
Genre: comedy