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L'homme perdu

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1 hr 30 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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Lost in the mountain

Hiking in the mountains, Alex is surprised by an explosion and finds himself buried under a mass of ice and rocks. Wounded and unconscious he is saved by a mysterious stranger. In the valley the search is organised but in vain. Only his bag is found...

Directed by: Pierre Isoard (season 1, France, 2017)
Screenplay: Julien Guérif, Pierre Isoard
Cast: Samuel Le Bihan (Alex Hugo), Lionnel Astier (Angelo Batalla), Caroline Baehr (Émilie), Mikaël Fitoussi (Renart), Marilyne Canto (Dorval), Fabien Baïardi (Tony Leblanc), Nicky Marbot (the wild man), Loïc Houdré (Jean Fargeot), Elsa Bouchain (Pauline Fraye), Frédéric Van Den Driessche (Alain Tanner), Grégory Gatignol (Simon Tanner)
Genre: detective
Parental guidance: TV-PG