L'empire de la nuit

L'empire de la nuit

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1 hr 29 min
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Called on to take over "Gay Paris", the cabaret show organiser Eddie Parker finds himself facing the formidable problem of who's going to succeed David Balkis, "Emperor of the Night". An inheritance coveted by the deceased's three brothers, Gaspard, Melchior and Balthazar...

Directed by: Pierre Grimblat (France, 1962, black and white)
Cast: Eddie Constantine (Eddie Parker), Geneviève Grad (Juliette), Elga Andersen (Geneviève Balkis), Guy Bedos (Gaspard), Michel de Ré (Melchior), Pierre Doris (head of the cabaret gang), Claude Cerval (Balthazar)
Genre: dramedy