L'affiche rouge

L'affiche rouge

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1 hr 25 min
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Occupied France, on the walls a red poster draws public attention to a group of foreign resistance fighters, mostly communists, lead by the Armenian Missak Manouchian. Arrested, they are executed by the Nazis in 1944. Thirty years later, a theatre company pays tribute to them.

Directed by: Frank Cassenti (France, 1976)
Screenplay by: Michèle Mercier, René Richon
Cast: Roger Ibanez (Missak Manouchian), Pierre Clémenti (Marcel Rayman), László Szabó (Joseph Boczov), Maya Wodecka (Olga Bancic), Malka Ribowska (Mélinéa Manouchian), Anicée Alvina (Rayman's friend), Silvia Badesco (Dolores Bancic), Louba Guertchikoff (Celestino's mother), Mario Gonzales (Celestino Alfonso), Bruno La Brasca (Rino Della Negra), Jean Lescot (Alexandre Jar), Guy Mairesse (the Italian husband), Julian Negulesco (Spartaco Fontano)
Genre: history
Awards: 1976 Jean Vigo Prize