I... comme Icare

I... comme Icare

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An illustrious head of state is assassinated during a ceremony. Following a long investigation, the Heiniger Commission submits its report: the killer was a mentally unstable lone wolf. Public prosecutor Volney, member of the commission, has doubts about the conclusions. He is instructed to take over the investigation...

Directed by: Henri Verneuil (France, 1979)
Cast: Yves Montand (Henri Volney), Pierre Vernier (Charly Feruda), Jean-François Garreaud (Vernon Calbert), Jean Lescot (Franck Bellony), Didier Sauvegrain (the supposed killer), Roger Planchon (Professor David Naggara), Jacques Denis (Despaul), Roland Blanche (Garcia Santos)
Genre: thriller
Awards: 5 nominations (1980 César awards)