Étoile sans lumière

Étoile sans lumière

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1 hr 22 min
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1929. Stella Dora, star of the silent screen, fears for her career as talking films arrive. The decision's been taken: her unattractive voice must be dubbed. Madeleine is chosen for her lilting tones. The new film is a hit but, left out of the limelight, the newcomer from province rebels...

Directed by: Marcel Blistène (France, 1946, black and white)
Cast: Édith Piaf (Madeleine), Jules Berry (Billy Daniel), Mila Parely (Stella Dora), Yves Montand (Pierre), Serge Reggiani (Gaston Lansac), Marcel Herrand (Roger Marney), Paul Frankeur (the reporter)
Genre: drama