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1 hr 19 min
The allies reach Paris on 24 August 1944. On Hitler's orders, General Von Choltitz prepares to destroy the French capital. All the Parisian monuments are rigged and ready to blow up. The alarmed Swedish consul, Raoul Nordling, attempts to restrain the general from giving the order.

Directed by: Volker Schlöndorff (France/Germany, 2013)
An adaptation of Cyril Gely's play "Diplomacy"
Cast: André Dussollier (consul Raoul Nordling), Niels Arestrup (General Von Choltitz), Burghart Klaussner (Captain Ebernach), Robert Stadlober (Lieutenant Bressensdorf), Charlie Nelson (the concierge), Jean-Marc Roulot (Jacques Lanvin)
Genre: history
Awards: César 2015 for best adaptation