Dialogue avec mon jardinier

Dialogue avec mon jardinier

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1 hr 44 min
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After turning fifty a Parisian painter decides to return to his roots and move back into his childhood home in the centre of France. The property is surrounded by a large garden which he has neither the talent nor the desire to care for. His advertisement gets him back in touch with an old friend from the area who he takes on as his gardener. Brushing shoulders with him everyday, the painter discovers an intriguing character who marvels him with his frank and simple outlook on life...

Directed by: Jean Becker (France, 2005)
Cast: Daniel Auteuil (the painter), Jean-Pierre Darroussin (the gardener), Fanny Cottençon (Hélène), Elodie Navarre (Carole), Alexia Berlier (Magda), Hiam Abbas (the gardener's wife), Roger Van Hool (Tony)
Genre: comedy