Des frissons partout

Des frissons partout

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1 hr 29 min
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Jeff Gordon goes undercover, infiltrating the gang that carried the hold-up of the century at a jeweller's in Place Vendôme... For the famous FBI agent it's a race against time to find Grégori, who has the spoils, before he manages to have his face altered by a plastic surgeon!

Directed by: Raoul André (France/Italy, 1964, black and white)
Cast: Eddie Constantine (Jeff Gordon), Perrette Pradier (Liza), Janine Vila (Liliane), Daniel Emilfork (Yanakos), Clément Harari (Lorenz), Victor Beaumont (Grégori), Willy Braque (Émile), Dominique Zardi (Lucien), Henri Lambert (Jojo)
Genre: thriller