Chok dee

Chok dee

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1 hr 45 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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From small-scale rackets to minor robberies, Ryan finally ends up in prison where he meets Jean. The former champion introduces Ryan to Thai boxing and all the values attached to it. On his release he discovers that the Thai training camp Jean had told him about refuses to accept foreigners...

Directed by: Xavier Durringer (France, 2004)
Cast: Dida Diafat (Ryan), Bernard Giraudeau (Jean), Florence Faivre (Kim), Lakshan (Coffee), Sombati Medhanee (Wiwat), Rit Luecha (Mr Amorn), Jean-Pierre Leonardini (Roger), Fariza Mimolin (Maima), Calbo (Manu)
Genre: action
Parental guidance: PG-TV