Cherchez Hortense

Cherchez Hortense

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1 hr 36 min
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To avoid a certain Zorica being deported, Damien, professor of Chinese civilisation, is forced by his wife Iva to ask the help of his father, a state councillor with whom he has a more than distant relationship. A hazardous mission that plunges him into a dramatic and life-changing spiral...

Directed by: Pascal Bonitzer (France, 2011)
Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri (Damien), Kristin Scott Thomas (Iva), Isabelle Carré (Aurore), Marin Orcand-Tourres (Noé), Claude Rich (Sébastien Hauer), Arthur Igual (Antoine), Jackie Berroyer (Lobatch), Masahiro Kashiwagi (Satoshi), Jérôme Beaujour (Campuche), Benoît Jacquot (Kévadian), Iliana Lolic (Véra)
Genre: comedy
Awards: official selection (2013 César Awards, 2012 Venice Film Festival)