Atout coeur à Tokyo pour OSS 117

Atout coeur à Tokyo pour OSS 117

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1 hr 36 min
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Investigating the destruction of an American base in the Pacific, OSS 117 meets Eva Wilson, employee at the American embassy. The young woman is being blackmailed, on the point of giving in she's about to reveal a secret code in return for compromising photographs. But then she is kidnapped...

Directed by: Michel Boisrond (France/Italy, 1966)
Based on the novel of the same name by Jean Bruce.
Cast: Frederick Stafford (OSS 117), Marina Vlady (Eva Wilson), Henri Serre (John Wilson), Jitsuko Yoshimura (Tetsuko), Colin Drake (Babcock), Valery Inkijinoff (Yekota), Marion Pisu (Vargas)
Genre: action