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1 hr 39 min
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After a stroke, Maud, a filmmaker, awakes to find she is hemiplegic. Determined to get on with life, on TV she discovers Vilko, a man defrauding celebrities. Fascinated by his arrogance, she wants him for her next film. After they meet, she finds herself trapped by this master manipulator.

Directed by: Catherine Breillat (France/Belgium, 2012)
Cast: Isabelle Huppert (Maud), Kool Shen (Vilko), Laurence Ursino (Andy), Christophe Sermet (Ezzé), Ronald Leclercq (Gino), Tristan Shotte (Antoine), Daphné Baiwir (Hortense)
Genre: drama
Awards: Selected at the following film festivals: Cinémania (Canada, 2014), San Francisco (United States, 2014), Colcoa (United States, 2014), Hong Kong (2014), Belgrade (Serbia, 2014), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2013), Warsaw (Poland, 2013)